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Plastic Free July | Eco Friendly Blog | Eco-Tots | Eco Friendly Toys 

Hello everyone,
So I've been thinking for a while now about blogging, it never interested me for a long time but now i feel I have more to say and probably more serious stuff that I don't necessarily want to block up the eco-tots chat feed with.
Im going to start with Plastic Free July and what it means to me and my family. Before me and Pete started our family we sort of did our bit of recycling, buying second hand and trying not to waste much but looking back it was pretty much the bare minimum we could do to make a difference. Having Henry changed our world so much, in all aspects, becoming parents, having someone who requires all your love and attention, the lack of sleep and it really is a rollercoaster, fun but terrifying at times. 
I decided to breastfeed and with that came all sorts of issues - which i'm actually going to get into in another blog I think. But through breastfeeding at groups I became really close to two other mums; Lyndsey and Becky (Becky is actually Becky from Black's Toys - another story for me to go into at a later date :) ) Its through Becky I found out about Grimms and the wooden toys and Scandi World - I was utterly oblivious to it before then, and what a hole to fall down! I was instantly hooked! It was me all over - open ended toys, such beautiful toys, likeminded parents, it felt like one big community.

So over the time having Henry and then Rosalind we've done it all, we've changed the brands of clothes we wear to more organic and still buy second hand, we've reduced a massive amount of plastic in our house and swapped it to reusables (when it expired) , we cloth bummed Rosalind, I've switched to a menstrual cup and cloth sanitary wear, myself and Pete have changed our razors to the reusable razors where you just change the blade (amazing), shampoo bars and soap, the list goes on and I'm going to talk about each of these changes.

It hasn't felt pushed but a natural change within our lifestyle, you change to have children and turns out my children were what I needed to push and make more changes. Not just for the environment but for them. I want to leave my children to a better world, where plastic doesn't float on our oceans and in our food. I want to protect my children now and when i'm gone. Do i think this is possible?! right now no but i'll do my damm best to change that and I hope in 5 years time or sooner my answer is a lot different.

So if you're like me and what to make the changes or you want to see where I go and what I do then follow me here and feel free to comment and share your thoughts and ideas.

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