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Peepul Peg Dolls @ Eco-Tots

Now if you don't know who Peepul peg dolls are then have a look by pressing the word Peepul and it will take you to their gorgeous selection. Then come back here :)

Now eco-tots was the first brand to contact Kate at Peepul to stock her beautiful peg dolls, and 3 years later we still stock them along with a Dino Peepul exclusive too. Here is a little info about Kate and her brand Peepul.

"Peepul is a small family business based in Oxfordshire, creating whimsical little peg folk in as eco-friendly and sustainable a way as possible.  The name ‘Peepul’ came from the way our own toddler first started to say ‘people’ when we made our very first peg dolls, just for him. Made from sustainably sourced British sycamore, turned and hand finished in Oxfordshire, painted with clay-based paints and finished with renewable plant oils and waxes. We strive to have as little impact on the environment as possible and to make our toys as natural as possible too.  Every Peepul peg doll is individually hand-painted, so small variations in colour and design make each set unique."

This is why we love Kate and her Peepul peg dolls, not only does Kate strive to make a working business round her family, but also something thats perfect for small hands, to be used in small world play and imaginative/creative play. Kate also has done as much as possible to reduce carbon footprints by sourcing a UK wood and non toxic paints which are better for our little ones and the environment. All the packaging is also recyclable. The make a perfect eco friendly doll to purchase, for 12 months and up. 

Currently in our collection we have the Weather Peepul, Dino Peepul, Bee Keeper Peepul, Moon Phase Peepul, Bunny Peepul, Lamb Peepul, and Chick Peepul. All these are perfect for small world play and teaching children about a number of subjects from the weather, moon phases, animals and taking care of nature including the bees. The Bee keeper is a firm favourite, there is so much to be done to save the bees and it starts with education, this little Bee Keeper Peepul peg doll is perfect as a visual aid and to be used in play.

From 12 months babies can grasp the peg doll and are usually drawn in by the beautiful colours too, its really robust so can withstand little hands and gums. Soon as the little one gets a little bigger they will be able to identify some of the characters especially the bunny rabbit or bees. As the little one grows again they will incorporate it in play and you can then use in small set ups about subjects to help increase knowledge and learning, again the bee keeper is perfect for this. When they aren't played with, display them for a stunning and unique collection.

We really do love Peepul peg dolls here at Eco-tots, we are super excited to bring some new designs of Peepul very soon!


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