Brin d'Bois

Brin d'Bois is a home-made company of toys and wooden figurines. From the conception to the finish the craftsman worked with a will to offer you an educational and high-quality toy.

Toys and figurines are inspired by the pedagogy Waldorf, with forms and soft and warm colors, voluntarily returned to the main part the forms give free rein to the development of the imagination of the child by the play.

Figurines and toys Brin d'Bois are realized in France with local wood (maple, fir tree, and others). 

The protection of the wood and the used colors are not toxic hard oil developed in the respect for the health and for the environment (LIVOS). They resist the sweat and the saliva (standard DIN 53160) and suit for toys (standard EN 71, part 3).

Figurines and toys are in accordance in legislations in force (standard EN 71) on the safety of toys and thus contain the marking "CE".

Finally, Brin d'Bois joins in a respectful eco-responsible approach of the man and its environment.

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