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Untamed Play Toys

"Untamed Play Toys is a Yorkshire based business run singlehandedly by me, Ayesha, the Queen Bee at the Untamed Hive HQ. I am on a mission to reclaim wild play, to facilitate an escape into a world of imagination and enchantment, a world of untamed play!

Coming from a multi-generational family of beekeepers my inspiration is found amongst the bees. With the last of the family hives long since closed, my goal is to connect children to nature and to my friends, the bees. As a home educator I have loosely followed both Charlotte Mason and Rudolf Steiner. Many of my creations are in harmony with their philosophies.

To help protect our pollinating companions,  Untamed Play Toys treads as gently as possible. I use responsibly sourced beech wood, painted using natural clay based paint that are acrylic free. My sealant is a blend of sustainable oils and waxes. None of the products I use are tested on animals. The packaging is made from recycled materials whenever possible, and is recyclable in its entirety."

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