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Toy Borrowing T&C's & FAQ's

Want to try before you buy, been eyeing up those beautiful eco-tots goodies but unsure if your child will like it, play with it or its just a little out of the price range or simply want to reduce your consumerism but still enjoy wonderful eco toys – our toy borrowing scheme means you can borrow eco-tots goodies for 30 days, return them and they borrow some more.

How does it work

You select which item(s) you want to borrow - choose from the drop down menu on the products and add to cart. (The price is the cost of hire for 30 days). Then check out as normal.

There is a deposit to be paid - this will be refunded on returning the borrowed items. The deposit is in case of damages and non returns.

Any questions or issues then please email us ai



Are the toys safe and clean? All our toys meet UK safety standards. All toys sent will be either new in packaging or use but cleaned before being sent. We hold a high standard for our hygiene and safety.

What if I want to keep a toy? You can return and buy a brand new one and get a 10% discount

 What happens if you break a toy? Accidents happen, please let us know if an item is damaged or lost so we know if the toy has to go out of circulation.

If we need to replace a toy we will charge a fee deemed to be fair and equal, considering these factors:

  1. If the toy cannot be repaired
  2. If the toy is no longer safe for use
  3. If the condition of the toys is deemed less than good
  4. If there are missing parts meaning the toy can no longer be played with as intended
  5. How long the toy has been in circulation for

Wear and tear are normal and shows toys are well loved. We will ensure all toys you receive will be in good, excellent or brand-new condition. All toys are checked before they are sent out. Any concerns with toys please email us at

Where do you deliver? Anywhere in the UK.

 How long is the borrowing term? 30 days – the term starts from the day you receive your items.

What happens if the toys are no returned? We like to think this wouldn’t happen but sometimes things do happen. If the toys weren’t returned and no communications as to why then then the deposit would not be returned to you and you will be invoiced for the outstanding balance (RRP of the borrowed items minus the deposit amount, unless the deposit covers the RRP).

You would also be unable to borrow from us again.

 Can I return one toy without returning others from the same order? All toys on the same order must be returned at the same time, unless you wish to buy one of the toys then please get in touch via email

What delivery and return methods do you use? We use Myhermes, you will have a return label inside your order, once you’re ready to return your items, pack them back in the box you received them in and pop the label on the top and drop off at your local Myhermes drop off shop – check out this link to find your closest drop off.

 Is local Collection possible? Yes, please send me an email ( if you wish to collect your order rather than it being posted.

What if an item is damaged or missing from my order? If your order arrives damaged or a toy is missing, please let us know ASAP at and we will sort the issue ASAP.

Packaging We reuse all our packaging we receive at eco-tots. We are also given boxes/stuffing from friends and family, this may include plastic packaging – we do not buy any plastic packaging but can receive it from time to time. The best thing we can do is keep the plastic in use rather than sending to landfill to sit for hundreds of years. Your delivery box might have multiple layers of tape/labels from previous deliveries and some cosmetic marks but that just means we’ve be able to re-use re-use re-use.

Returning a purchased toy If you have elected to purchase a hired toy from us, we do not accept returns, refunds or swaps of this item.