Red Rags CSP - 12 inch extra Heavy/postpartum

Red Rags CSP - 12 inch extra Heavy/postpartum

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Red Rags

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Red Rags Extra Heavy / Postpartum Cloth Sanitary Pad (CSP) 

Ideal for those with a very heavy flow who need extra protection. They’re even absorbent enough for use postpartum! 


Pad Details - 

Shape: Moon

Length: 12inches 

Snapped width: 2.5 inches

Topping: Bunnies Organic Cotton Jersey

Cores: 1 layer of cotton flannel and zorb. Plus 2 layers of 340gsm bamboo/organic cotton fleece  

Backing: anti-pill polar fleece

Care advice cards are included with all purchases. 

Please note all items (unless otherwise stated) are sewn using a sewing machine, not an embroidery machine. Each pad is unique and slight variations are to be expected.