Red Rags CSP - 12 inch extra Heavy/postpartum

Red Rags CSP - 12 inch extra Heavy/postpartum

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Red Rags

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These are super comfortable 12 inch extra heavy/postpartum cloth sanitary pads. No nasty plastic, saves money as they are re-usable and come in stunning designs, whats not to love!

Pad details:

Shape - moon

Length - 12 inches

Snapped width - 3 inches

Made with: topping fabric is organic cotton, backing fabric: water resistant anti-pill polar fleece. The core is 1 layer zorb, 1 layer of cotton flannel and 2 layers of hemp/organic cotton 340 gsm.

Please note all items (unless otherwise stated) are sewn using a sewing machine, not an embroidery machine. Each pad is unique and slight variations are to be expected.

For hygiene reasons returns will only be accepted if the item(s) are unused and unwashed.


Do i need to wash my pads before wearing for the first time?

Ideally yes, pre-washing your pads at least once before wearing for the first time helps improve their absorbency.

Which way up does my pad go?

When wearing your Red Rags Pads make sure the fleece side is facing your underwear and patterned side towards you. The fleece helps prevent your pad from sliding and you also get to look at pretty fabric, its a win win!

How do i wash my pad once worn?

1. Once worn rinse until water runs clear, store in a wet bag or similar. 

2. Pop in your washing machine and put on a quick rinse cycle. 

3. Add washing powder of choice and wash on a long cycle no higher than 40 degrees. 

4. Line, air or tumble dry on low. DO NOT tumble dry your pads on hot, this can warp the snaps!