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Pursuit Of Adventure | Mega Fort | Made In The UK

Pursuit Of Adventure Mega Fort

Pursuit of Adventure

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Who doesn't need a Meg Fort?! A fort fit for any King, Queen, Princess, Prince, Witch, Wizard, Dragon or just a really cool den!

Includes – Turret x4, Portcullis x1, Large Wall x1 Small wall x2, Pulley x3

 The Mega Fort is suited to slightly smaller open spaces, With 3 pulleys, this is the ideal product for reeling in goodness and creating a fortress with all you need.

Using a simple slot in system you can pop your Fort together in minutes - no screws or glue needed, no loose part.

 made from 12mm birch ply - a durable and naturally biodegradable material. Though weather-resistant, storing your playhouse under cover will keep it in good knick for longer. The materials and products are renewable and are non-toxic.

 H – 121cm W – 220cm D – 174cm Flat – pack thickness – 30cm 

Pursuit Of Adventure | Mega Fort | Made In The UK