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NEW Dr Zigs Jumbo Kit

NEW Dr Zigs Jumbo Kit

Dr Zigs

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NEW Dr Zigs Jumbo Kit

Each kit contains:

  • 3x 100ml bottles of award winning 10 x concentrate Dr Zigs bubble mix
  •  1x Multi-loop Bubble Wand
  • 1x Giant Dragon Bubble Wand
  • 1x sheet of Dr Zigs Dragon Bubbles, Tips, Tricks and Instructions.

The Standard Wands are 40cm long, and suitable for ALL older kids over the age of 3 - yes that means the grown ups too!

The 3 bottles of Dr Zigs Dragon Bubble Mix will mix up with water to give you 3 whole litres ready-to-go mix. Just add 1 part Dr Zigs Dragon Bubble Mix to 9 parts water. Stir thoroughly not vigorously.

Award winning bubbles, the super strong solution gives the Dr Zigs bubbles the size, length, longevity and beautiful colours. Also the bubble mixture is  non-toxic , fully biodegradable, palm oil free, and contains no phosphates so it’s better for the environment, for orangutans and for children!

All D Zigs products are made in the UK, supporting local and national companies, and using sustainable, organic materials where possible.