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ReadWrapRecycle Rainbow Wrap

ReadWrapRecycle Rainbow Wrap


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A total celebration of colour, the Rainbow Wrap is perfect for birthdays, with a kids party vibe. 

This product is a real newspaper, it feels and looks like a real newspaper as it is made using the same techniques, the only difference being that this one has fun articles and large patterned sheets, so you can have a beautifully co-ordinated set of gifts.

The Rainbow Wrap, is printed using traditional techniques and to Broadsheet size to allow for maximum wrapping potential, the paper consists of 5 sheets, the total spread will measure 380mm x 578mm.

Each sheet will feature a print on each side, one side showing the 'newspaper' and the other will side will have either the rainbow or the striped design. Each paper will feature 2 sides of stripes and 3 sides of the rainbow repeat.