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Re-usable Breast Pads - medium
Re-usable Breast Pads - medium

Re-usable Breast Pads - medium

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Red Rags

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Handmade reusable Medium breast pads - better for the environment (no nasty plastic), better for you as they are more comfortable, washable and come in beautiful designs. 

Made with: topping fabric is cotton jersey and backing fabric is water resistant anti-pill polar fleece. Core is 1 layer of 500 gsm heavy bamboo fleece.

Tips: pre-wash at least once before wearing for the first time to help improve their absorbency.

when wearing your Red Rags Pads make sure the fleece side is facing your underwear and patterned side towards you. The fleece helps prevent your pad from sliding and you also get to look at pretty fabric, its a win win!


Take care of your breast pads by :

once worn rinse until water runs clear

pop into washing machine and put on quick rinse cycle

add washing powder of choice and wash on a long cycle at no higher than 40 degrees.

line, air or tumble dry on low. DO NOT tumble dry on hot as this can warp the snaps.