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Sprinkle Of Nature Build A Bug Hotel
Sprinkle Of Nature Build A Bug Hotel

Sprinkle Of Nature Build A Bug Hotel

Sprinkles Of Nature

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A fun activity for kid's to create their very own Bug Hotel and learn more about nature.

In the box you will find: 
  • Seed paper hotel scene to cut out and decorate the hotel. 
  • Natural glue mix- just add water
  • 6 x Bamboo sticks
  • Natural straw
  • Mini wooden peg
  • A bug scavenger hunt guide

All you need to add is a clean food tin can or jar.

The adventure starts with a scavenger hunt for the children to seek out some extra materials for the mini beasts to enjoy. As the kids learn about insect habitats they will also discover who might come and stay in their hotel and watch as the insects settle into their new home. 
After the hunt, it's time for the kids to get creative with their cut-and-stick seed paper bug hotel scene. They can mix up their own natural, plastic-free glue mix and stick on their bugs and signs however they choose. Then it's time to construct their bug house. 

As the seed paper begins to weather away from the bug house the fun doesn't need to stop. You can choose to plant this in the garden or tear up to plant into pots and watch as new flowers bloom.