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Steampotts Jack's Beanstalk | Steampotts Stockist

Steampotts Jack's Beanstalk | Steampotts Stockist

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Introducing the second of our items supporting traditional tales. Jack wakes to discover the beans his mother threw away yesterday really were magic. He opens the curtains and sees this massive free standing beanstalk.... but where does it lead? With stability and platforms for climbing and descent the stories can be told again and again ....is it a beanstalk, or the thorns around sleeping beauties castle? How high will your imagination climb? The beanstalk consists of two separate pieces that are locked together in two different ways, creating different platform directions. The finish is a beautifully natural oil mix, buffed to a satin shine.  Handmade in the Lake District. CE Certified to EN71. Recommended for Children over 18 months.