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Triclimb Trifix Joint

Triclimb Trifix Joint

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Trifix attaches to the bottom of a Miri Slide or other suitable accessories allowing secure connection to another Triclimb. Create large scale bridges, dens and playscenes connecting two Triclimbs together.

This TriFix bottom joint is only compatible with Triclimb Miri slides and other Triclimb accessories that have an empty connection dowel hole at the bottom. Trifix joint is only suitable for those who have access to two Triclimb frames.

Add the Trifix joint to the bottom of your Miri slide creating a Triclimb connection at the bottom end which allows connection to a Triclimb at both ends. Further expand the play possibilities of your Triclimb system. The secure TriFix system locks your Miri slide and Triclimbs together firmly creating a stable platform for safe climbing play.

  • Suitable for all ages
  • Hand made in Wales
  • FSC/PEFC sustainable wood
  • Water based lacquer
  • Suitable for indoor use only


Triclimb Trifix Joint | Triclimb Stockist | Buy Triclimb Here